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Neon Orange Trash Bags and Honking Bostonians


Hello from Boston! We’ve now been here 4 days, and there’s so much to tell!
We’ve traveled up and down streets, picking up hundreds of abandoned cigarettes, Dunkin Donuts cups, and other oddities left on streets. While stashing these items in our oversized neon orange trash bags, many Bostonians honked at our team members, giving them a thumbs-up as they passed. A police officer talked with one of us for 30 minutes about why in the world we came all the way from Georgia to Boston to pick up trash.
We’ve traveled up and down more streets in neighborhoods placing door-hangers with Encounter Church’s information on the doorknobs of homes, and praying as we passed.
On Tuesday while in West Roxbury, David Thompson and I had the opportunity for an amazing encounter with a life-time resident. The first was a woman who asked David to bring her barrel (trashcan) out of the street and onto her back porch. I joined him as he carried it through the house, and we introduced ourselves. We learned that this precious lady was ninety-two a professional poet (currently working on her fourth book!), and did not wear glasses. We spent over forty-five minutes with her, chatting, explaining why we were on her doorstep, asking her how and if we could pray for her, and each receiving a copy of one of her books of poetry. She gave us her address, hoping to be put on a mailing list for Encounter Church.
I think I can speak for David as well when I say that I will not forget this woman, Pat, nor her genuinely asking us to pray for her son. Our God is a god who uses trashcans to create connections between people!
There are other such stories that I would love to tell, but you should grab one of our team members when we get home, and have them tell you!
We’ve sweated through our bright orange tshirts many times already (Andrew has promised to wash all of them tonight), but we are blessed and thankful to be here serving these people and our sweet Jesus.



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