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Update from Knysna, South Africa

Hello from Knysna!  I am so sorry for no news – but we have been soooo busy.  God has done incredible things here.

Sunday was an incredible day of worship in the township.  Chris’s guys had an outdoor tent and we packed it with people for a wonderful Sunday service.  About 25 township locals were there to here Lane preach – with over 75% young men!  It was awesome.  We had some great fellowship with the church family afterwards.
Monday the work began.  We had discipleship training with a house full of young people.  Many asked incredible questions and were very engaging in discussions about Christ.  We fellowshped at lunch with these youth and then we divided into 5 teams – each with a local and went door to door sharing the gospel to those in the neighborhood of the church.  We collected data for Chris on how many people lived in the home, languages spoken, spiritual interest, cell numbers (if they had one), and any followup information.  Some prayed to receive Christ – some knew Christ and we encouraged them – others had questions and engaged in discussions about Jesus – others listened with no decision.  One example of an interaction was a young man who said, :”this is a heavy decision to make, I must really think about this – it is not something I can do quickly.”  We left them material to answer questions, the Roman Road, the Gospel of John, and a Bible in their preferred language.  That young man I just mentioned, came back on Tuesday and prayed to receive Christ!
Tuesday was a very similar day, except in the afternoon we went further into the township – into an area that did not have RDP homes – they were the shacks.  We were received with joy and had some received Christ and others just listen without decisions  – but as much information as we could was given back to Chris.  Then, Tuesday night we had a pizza supper with the youth and discussion a chapter in the book of John.  The youth engaged in how to study their Bible and asked some difficult questions.  Some wanted to discuss why ancestral worship was wrong – questions that Chris answered backed with Scripture.  These youth really want to grow in understanding how to study their Bible and understand truth in God’s Word.
Today is Wed – discipleship went great again.  The youth were teacher to read their study verses, were trying hard to find where a Scripture was, and engage in discussion.  For about 2 hours they sat listening, reading and asking questions.  It was AWESOME!  We then fellowship with hand pies, sausage rolls, and “cool drink” (soda or juice).  They all sat and talked to us and each other – what a wonderful sense of community!  The young women then met for a Wed afternoon Bible study and the young boys went out evangelizing.  This time our team saw these young people grow – some even leading in the sharing!  For me and Joe, our 2 young men led us through the township for some follow up appointments for people we had met earlier in the week.  On a walk back to church, one of the young men told a young man who was walking near us to come over and walk with us so he could be told about some good news – we shared with him and he prayed to receive Christ!  Then they walked us for hours throughout the township meeting with families they knew that “need to hear about Jesus.”  Every time Joe and I told him that it was time we needed to head back to the church they would say, “Can we just tell one more family about Jesus, please.”  They were eager and did not want to stop!
Tonight, we had a wonderful dinner with  Chris, Rebecca, and the kids to reflect on what we can refine for our last 2 days together.
Tomorrow, we will be eating breakfast at Hands and Heart skills developmental center, where Chris is the speaker.  We are excited to see what God is doing there with Youth for Christ and see where Amelia will working with YFC.  Then we will be having discipleship and take these youth to another township about 5 miles away to share in the area where Ella lives.  Tomorrow night we will have another pizza fellowship with the youth, specifically answering their questions about Christ – pray this goes well!
On our last day, Friday, we plan on reviewing our discipleship material and then going back out into the streets to do some followup visits!
Of course, these next 2 days God may change our plans.  He already has a little.  We were not planning on doing and children’s ministry work – but since the children are out of school – we have a ton of little kids that see the American’s and have tried to come into the church during training.  To avoid this distraction, today we took the children outside and Kevin and Jason started telling story of David and Goliath – and then playing soccer in the street (don’t worry, we are on a dead end street, so there is no traffic).
Thank you for all your prayers!  It is amazing to see who Chris and Rebecca have gained such favor in this town in such a short time. They are thriving in ministry!  We have been so excited to be a part of it during this week!
Chris and Knysna Team


  1. Margo L Henderson on October 4, 2018 at 4:30 am

    Praising God for your witness and the hunger of these people for Jesus! Your boldness has been contagious to others in wanting to share Him. Praying for the light to shine in the darkness and that the enemy is bound in Jesus Name.

  2. Tom Sorrells on October 4, 2018 at 8:13 am

    Yes May our LORD confirm PROVERBS CH 3 v 5-6 TRUST and ACKNOWLEDGE HIM . Doers of HIS WORD 👑😇⭐️❤️🙏🌅🎚⛪️

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